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Easyhome Promises

As the leader of household industry, sticking to the operation concept of “Integrity-centered and Service-based”, Easyhome has been making a series of service promises such as “Compensation in advance”, etc. since 2000, and established itself into an innovative benchmark in services of household industry.

Thirteen Promises

Compensation in advance

Compensation in advance means that Easyhome bears joint liability for operating activities of business in market. When there are problems on sold commodities or services by business, the customer can complain to Easyhome when carrying with sales contract and payment certificate and Easyhome will compensate to the customer in advance. 

Green environment protection

All commodities in Easyhome must conform to National Standard of Limit for Harmful Matter in Indoor Decorating and Refurnishing Materials.

The business shall treat non-conforming air quality indoor due to decoration within one month without any conditions and the delivery delayed caused by the treat is deemed as engineering delay, the business shall bear liquidated damages on the basis of 2‰ contract price; when the air quality still does not meet the standard yet, the businesses shall fully return the contract price and bear 5% liquidated damages on the basis of contract money.

Due to the production of furniture is to performed Limit for Harmful Matter in Wooden Furniture of Indoor Decorating and Refurnishing Materials and the air quality is to perform Indoor Air Quality Standard, there is a difference of formulating department for two standards and lacking of effective links between the two standards the qualified furniture produced by the environment protection standard of futures after being moved to the room may be detected as the air quality exceeds the standard by Indoor Air Quality Standard for the influence of superimposed effect. From the perspective of protecting the health of the customers, Easyhome promises that the furniture can be replaced at any time for the happening of above situations.

No reason to return within one month

The customer may require exchanging and returning the goods (except for customized product and imported product ordered for Party A) at any time for any reasons such as the changes of favor within one month after receiving the goods without any damages and affecting the secondary sales with the commodity.

Service period of “Three guarantees” extended to three years against quality problems

Three guarantees” regulation on non-customized commodities. Period of validity of “Three guarantees” for non-customized commodities (including furniture and materials, etc.) is three years. The customer may choose the service of freely repairing, exchanging or returning for quality problems within 90 days; the customer may choose the service of freely repairing or exchanging for quality problems; the business takes charge of repairing freely for quality problems in the rest of period of “three guarantees.

Three guarantees” regulations on customized commodities. Standard fitting parts (such as electric appliance, gas stove) of customized commodities (e.g. cupboard, door, window, customized furniture, etc.) shall be carried out by nation or industry “Three guarantees” regulations, non-standard fitting parts with quality problem can only be repaired and cannot be exchanged in principle (within three years) and it only can be exchanged when it cannot be recovered to normal function after repairing.

Uniform collecting money and return or exchange

To avoid troubles of coming and going when the customer returns or exchanges the goods, “Return or exchange center with unified” is set in each branch of Easyhome; the customer can handle the returning or exchanging of commodities in “uniform return or exchange center” for any problems of quality or non-quality problems.

Prices clearly marked

Prices clearly marked” means that all businesses must disclose the prices when selling goods and providing services to the customer and carry out settlement according to marked prices and any bargaining is not accepted. “Marked prices” means indicating relevant conditions of the trade name, producing area, class, specification, type and charging standard of the commodity; “real price” means calculating “unadulterated” price according to the cost, reasonable profit and market competition condition.

The same prices for the same brand commodity

Where customers find that the normal transaction price (not including the price in promotion period, bargain goods and the price of disposed goods) for purchased commodity (must be the same brand, same specification and same material) is higher than other retail store in same city and can provide valid sales contract and invoice within one month after signing the contract, Easyhome shall repay the price of higher parts in double to the customer.

No added item for home decoration

Self-supporting Lewu Decoration Company operated by Easyhome promises that the actual settlement account of home decoration is consistent with the contract price, Lewu shall bear the fees for the additional engineering items that are not approved by the consumer and additional items approved by the customer but not exceeding 3% of decoration fee.

Zero delay in delivering and installing

It means that all furniture and building material businesses operated by Easyhome must complete delivering and installing task according to the time agreed in the contract, or shall bear responsibility for breach of contract; it shall pay the customer liquidated damages on the basis of 6‰ paid amount for each day delayed; the customer has the right to terminate the contract for delaying for 15 days, the business must pay the customer liquidated damages on the basis of 30% paid amount, in addition to returning paid amount. In case the business relieves the contract unilaterally without negotiating with the customer, the business shall fully return the customer paid amount and must pay liquidate damages on the basis of 50% of paid amount. (Except for force majeure)

100% of pure imported commodity

Imported furniture managed by international home museum of “Heaven of Home” is 100% of pure imported community, its brand is registered in foreign and the product is produced in foreign and competed with three certificates of “Certificate of Origin”, “Packing List” and “Customs Declaration”, or the businesses will pay the customer on three times of the paid amounts.

Entire fidelity of rosewood

Entire fidelity” means that the material used for furniture of rosewood is in the scope of 33 varieties of trees specified by National Standard of Rosewood; the envisaged side does not use splint wood and non-envisaged side uses the splint wood that not exceeds the 1/10 of superficial area of this components, or the businesses will pay the customer on three times of the paid amounts.

Total service for construction

Great guarantee” of construction service of home decoration means that Easyhome undertakes the overall management responsibility for quality and working period of hired indoor decoration engineering. In addition to construction service itself, self-supporting home decoration of Easyhome undertakes management, protection of finished product and after-sales service except for construction service and repays the customer for any problems happened in advance.

Once consume, enjoy lifetime service

Once consume, enjoy lifetime service" means that consumers who have purchased products of building materials at any store of Easyhome or conducted home decoration via Easyhome may become VIP member of Easyhome and enjoy lifetime services to be supplied by Easyhome. During the service period of “Three guarantees for three years”, Easyhome will supply free services; whereas, in the period exceeding “Three years of three guarantees”, Easyhome will provide paid services only charging the cost price.





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